I went to see a shaman
looking for a missing part
hoping to find a cure
for an empty ache in my heart

the shaman shared some stories
I explained my need
we agreed a journey would help me
so we followed Cherokee leads

lying upon her table
in a midst of cedar and sage
we let my aching pain
revel a previous age

I spoke of smoke and peace pipes
of red tailed hawks soaring high
I spoke of drums and wigwams
dancing under starry skies

I know that now is reality
but that life also was mine
my body walks upon this earth
my heart beats in another time


About Kitty

Kitty Jarman has been an active member of the writing community in the Fox Valley area, since 1998. One of eighteen authors from the St. Charles Writers Group who wrote the group novel, “Don’t Die Mr. Opal, Oklahoma Needs You,” published in 2006. Her poem, Dead Orchids, was selected in 2013 for Drawn with Words; a publication by the Fine Arts Counsel and also is the cover of her book of poetry, published in 2017. She is working on a collection of short stories and a mystery novel.
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  1. Julie's Stein says:

    Love this!


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